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Our goal is advocating as it pertains to Criminal Justice Reform. Specifically the Clemency efforts of Taquarius Ford.

For years the media has told their version of the story and the courts have promulgated theirs. Yet behind every court document and inmate identification number is a human story. There is always the truth. Overly punitive Mandatory-Minimum sentences create negative consequences that can trigger a chain reaction upon innocent family members, friends and our society.

We hope to educate you about what really led to the arrest of Taquarius, which subsequently resulted in a sentence of over thirty years. The conspiracy law (which Taquarius was charged) transfers guilt from one co-conspirator to the next and only those who do not cut a deal with the prosecution end up with a long mandatory sentence.

Taquarius has been in prison for nearly a decade, with much of that time spent in unwarranted segregation. Until the Mandatory-Minimum Guidelines change, the only relief that Taquarius and thousands of others have for mercy is a sentence commutation.


: Taquarius Ford
: 33 Years (No Federal Parole)
Years In Prison
: Since 2014
Original Offense
: Sex Trafficking Conspiracy


Taquarius Ford is a loving son, dad, brother and minister for Jesus Christ. Taquarius is the epitome of a modern day Prodigal Son. He was born and raised near Northern Virginia where he excelled in basketball, writing and Biblical Studies.

After college in 2007, Taquarius sought a career in writing. He then moved to California with the hopes of pursuing music, television and literature. It wasn't long before Taquarius achieved success. He ran his own banking solutions company, a P.R. firm, and a security agency. The agency offered security and driver services for independent escorts.

Taquarius' connection to the conspiracy was the result of a false rape accusation by which a former colleague of his was caught in a police raid. This same colleague, unbeknownst to Taquarius, was running a full-time brothel in Boise, Idaho. Yet in order to save herself, she and others testified that Taquarius bemused them into prostitution. There were no minors whatsoever involved on this case and there was zero evidence of assault or rape. A fact that was presented at trial but not allowed by the judge to be taken into consideration at sentencing.

Taquarius was sentenced under a mandatory minimum which has been ruled unconstitutional by many federal judges and the Supreme Court on different levels. Taquarius (an African-American) was found guilty by an all Caucasian jury. Moreover, all of his associates, colleagues, the alleged victims and co-defendant are all white and escaped without any judicial liability.


In the past 8 years Taquarius has been an exceptional individual. He has completed many beneficial classes and obtained a certification in Theology from the renown Emmaus Ministries. He was also selected by Duke University's School of Divinity collegiate program (a BOP accredited course) garnered by invitation only. Taquarius serves as a mentor and role model for younger and new men at the prison. He works in the Chapel and occasionally teaches Religious Service lessons that equip prisoners with skills that help them transition back to their community. Taquarius has many letters of support from correctional staff, clergy and persons of academia.

Taquarius feels deep remorse for his past and has pledged a life of service for the future. His parents are aging and their main prayer is for them to see their only son free.


We are seeking clemency for Taquarius Ford who pled "Not Guilty" for Conspiracy to Commit Sex Trafficking. He was convicted under the element of Fraud (a non-violent offense) and sentenced to 33 years. This is the only felony on his record.

Taquarius was just 32 years old when he was originally arrested. A thirty-three year sentence equates more time in prison than years he had been alive at the time of his arrest. The sentencing judge recognized as much when he stated on the record that he had seen evil defendants before, but "that is not Mr. Ford." However, due to the mandatory minimum guidelines, it is clear that those guidelines affected the length of his sentence.

Taquarius is seeking a commutation of sentence. He has already been in prison for seven years and has been an exemplary inmate with no disciplinary infractions. For the most part our society believes in second chances. At least we say that we do. It is possible to challenge our propensity to punish. It is possible to have mercy.


Research has proven that a first time offender or an offender with minimal criminal history is less likely to offend. Anyone that knows Taquarius has seen and felt a definite and noble change in both his character and mannerisms.

It is our hope through assiduous campaigning for clemency initiated by family, friends and the community that the Court or the President will use their extraordinary power to reduce the sentence of Taquarius. The Power to commute a sentence for a federal offense is vested solely in the President. It is an exceptional remedy that is granted for individuals worthy of release from the heavy burdens of incarceration.

Online petitions are a great way to get the word out, to gain support and bring awareness to the excessive mandatory minimum sentencing. Please visit the links below to render support for Taquarius and be sure to sign the petition. Thank you greatly.

The Ford Family